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Latin for connect, Jungo Partners was created to help facilitate the connections businesses need with each other

Jungo Partners connects you with a partner your business needs

CONNECTING Enterprise Systems (via EDI)

Envisioned in 2015, its owner, Jayson Pitkofsky, created a consulting company based on his 20+ years in the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) world. EDI boils down to exchanging business documents electronically between enterprise Trading Partners.

Using file formats defined by different organizations and industries (X12, Edifact, XML, FF); companies can exchange similar business data electronically (via Van, AS2, SFTP).

Jayson’s experience in this subset of electronic commerce and data exchange encapsulates all vertical markets over a breath of industry implementations, from Retail to Pharmaceutical to Healthcare.

CONNECTING Small Business

In 2020, Jungo Partners expanded this business to business connectivity by both advising and providing small size companies access to major providers of infrastructure services.

In today’s business landscape, Information Technology (IT) is a required necessity for all business. But small businesses don’t usually have a dedicated IT person to navigate the growing list of IT offerings a business needs. It can be daunting, costly and time consuming.

Jungo Partners is here to help you connect your business with the myriad of IT providers that exist. Your business might want the fastest, least expensive internet connectivity, or to find the perfect providers for syncing your office phone service with wireless phone carriers. From moving your on-premise email system to a cloud based electronic office or new security requirements for the new work-from-home culture.

We will bring the providers needed to you, help you pick the right one for your business and make sure the project is completed, all at not cost to your business.

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